"Aussichtsplattform „Am Johannesknecht" in St. Johann

St. Johann

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The viewing platform "Am Johannesknecht" at the county road 21 just before the entrance to St. Johann offers a magnificent view over the Nettetal and Mayen up to Maifeld and Mosel.

Where today the platform stands, used to be two large basalt cones, which also served as a vantage point, but had to give way to economic interests. According to a legend, the so-called Spratzkegel originated when the Johannesknecht around the maid Katharina free. The mother of the fat Catherine was a witch and wanted to give him the "Dicketrain" (Katharina) only as a wife, if he would steal sacred vessels from the church. John stole the vessels, but when the couple started the wedding, the sky became very dark, a flash of lightning drove down and turned the couple into stone.


St. Johann


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