Aussichtspunkt Felicitashütte


The Felicetashütte is located above the Moselgoldbrücke Niederfell with an impressive panoramic view of the Mosel , the communities of Niederfell and Kobern-Gondorf, Castle Von der Leyen, Castle Liebieg and the Nieder- and Oberburg with Matthias Chapel. It can be reached on the Moselle side from the Moselle Gold Bridge by a short, steep climb along the Lenschen Graben or from the heights, the Dieblicher Berg, the access road above the vineyards. Seating is provided in the hut.

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    The viewpoint is at any time available for free viewing.




    Aussichtspunkt Felicitashütte
    oberhalb der Moselgoldbrücke Niederfell
    56332 Niederfell

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