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The "Booser Doppelmaar", located to the west of the municipality of Boos, consists of two extensive shallow pots in the landscape, one of them being a dry marsh, the other now a pond. They are due to the explosive coincidence of rising hot magma and water. In outcrops can still be observed today the layers that were deposited during the volcanic eruptions.

The Maars of the Eifel are usually round, deep, trapped by steep slopes kettle. These Maarkessel form good reservoirs for the rainwater and are therefore often filled by a lake or it was at least shortly after their creation.

The name Maar can be traced back to today's lake formation, which is very typical of the circular basins in the Eifel. If the lake is already silted up some time ago, the bottom of the lake is now occupied by a moor. One speaks then of a Trockenmaar.

The "Booser Maare" are a good example for the design of the cultural landscape. Along the "Krater-Tour", a 4.5 km long circular walk give information boards u.a. about volcanism and the local flora and fauna information. The dream path "Booser Doppelmaartour" leads on around 9 km in length around and through the two Maarkessel. If you bring less time or fitness, you can hike the dreamlike landscape of the volcanic eastern Eifel with the dream path "Eifelturmpfad Boos" on about 4 km.

Our tip: Be sure to climb the 25 m high "Booser Eiffel Tower" on the Schneeberg!




Parkplatz Vulkanparkstation
Vulkanparkstation Booser Doppelmaar
56727 Boos

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