Burg Bischhofstein


The Bischofstein Castle was built between 1169 and 1183 under the rule of the Archbishop of Trier, Arnold I. In the 13th century, the provosts of Karden made themselves at home here and used the castle as a summer residence. In 1689 the castle was destroyed and in 1880 the ruins came into private ownership. Situated on a rock, the castle has always had a strategic position. From here one could control the paths into the Baybach valley as well as the Moselle crossing to Münstermaifeld. Burg Bischofstein went down in the history of the Moselle mainly because it was one of the few castles on the river that withstood all sieges for centuries. In 1954 the castle was further reconstructed and a school hostel was established. Even from a distance, you can see a white ring on the 20-meter-high tower, which is the subject of a variety of legends. In reality, it is probably just a remaining piece of plaster. In the meantime, there is also a staircase again inside the keep, which is visible from afar, and which can be used to reach the top. The view over the Moselle and across to the idyllic village of Burgen is very rewarding. However, the castle can be visited annually on the Day of the Open Monument. In addition, the keep can be climbed by visitors on weekends. From there you have a wonderful view over the countryside. Parking: At the ferry dock opposite the village of Burgen. A footpath leads to the castle through a railroad underpass.

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    April 1 - October 31, Sat - Sun 10 am - 5 pm.




    Verein zur Förderung des Fichte-Gymnasiums und der Burg Bischofstein e.V.
    Lindenstr. 52
    47798 Krefeld

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