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The visitors of the unique german slatemine can expect an exciting time travel in the past.

The devonian sea extended 400 million year ago. Today, you can find the pathes of the slate mine 16m under the Genoveva castle.

This museum will show you vividly the work and the everyday life of the miners. You can touch the exhibits in the 340 m long mining maze, since the slate mine offers adventures for all your senses. 

Via a lift, visitors will enter a world of men, machines and dynamite. There is an old mine cart, ropesaws, big walking excavators und 20kg heavy jackhammers in those underground pathes.

The simulated mine card ride is an attraction for both, children and adults.

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Eifelmuseum - Deutsches Schieferbergwerk
56727 Mayen
Phone: (0049)2651 498508
Fax: (0049)2651 7017833

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Amerikanische Studenten im Museum, © Heinz Spurzem


Visit the fascinating world of the carnival of Mayen and its 5th season of year. Delve into the unique and fascinating world of the carnival in Mayen from the beginnings until today. Why do we celebrate carnival? Even if you already know the answer on that you will learn more than facts and figures in the carnival museum of Mayen. See magnificent ribbons, traditional uniforms, huts and alot more. Let yourself fascinate by the unique ambience of the carnival museum of Mayen in the "Brückentor" and experience a piece of the attitude towards life of the "Mayener Jecken"  

Vulkanparkstation Mayener Grubenfeld, Felswand, © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Vulkanparkstation Grubenfeld

Mayen´s pit field is oner of the oldest and most important mines of basalt lava. This porous stone is perfectly suitable for grain grindings am millstones. A tour leads through the mine landscape, in the depth of the petrified lava river of the Bellerberg volvano with ist bizzare pillars. Roman mining traces can be found near a modern crane from the 20 th century. The sculpture park "LAPIDEA" is also on this area which is used for all kinds of events an by arches as training camp.