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"Ettringer Lay"

Do not miss a trip to the "Ettringer Lay" (Lay = quarry) and the "Ettringer Beller Berg" (both at the local community Ettringen)!

About 150 years ago, the deepest quarries around the Beller Berg volcano were created in the "Ettringer Lay". It was not without danger that the mighty stone pillars of his western lava flow were broken here in order to make it possible, among other things. Building material or paving stones to win. Today, a signposted hiking trail leads directly into the lava flow.

Steep clear slopes and numerous legacies from the time of stone extraction make the "Lay" an impressive volcanological and engineering historical monument. In the former basaltic lava quarry, you can admire the up to 40 meter high basalt lava walls of one of the three Bellerberg lava flows.

If you look from the pit edge to the quarry plot with the huge basalt wall, you can imagine how deep the old valley must have been before the eruption and what large quantities of hot lava flowed from the edge of the Ettringer Bellerberg. Along the Rundwanderweges show life-size steel figures - such. the "Suppenträger" - scenes from the everyday life of the former Steinbrecher.

Old mining cranes, rusted lorries and over abrupt tracks ending tracks testify today of the rainy mining activity into the 1970s. With its numerous technical remains of the early 20th century, the Ettringer Lay is a truly unique monument to the quarrying history of our volcanic region, which today is known to climbers and others. The Alpine Club of the Koblenz Section serves as a challenge.

Also in the volcano park, visitors learn more about the volcanological origin of our region in more than 20 landscape and natural monuments. Here volcanism is vividly illustrated and explained fascinatingly on the basis of information boards and information boards. Mostly hiking trails lead through the stations, some of which, as in our case, were built on former industrial sites ("Ettringer Lay" and "Kottenheimer Winfeld",

In addition, there are in the VG Vordereifel still the "Ettringer Bellerberg" and the "Kottenheimer Büden" (s.u.), both of which are developed with trails and illustrated boards are illustrated.

The four volcano parking stations in the Vordereifel are also connected by the volcanological hiking trail - this connection of several volcano park stations is incidentally a novelty in the volcano park.

In addition, interested guests in several information centers in the region can use films or models to give a vivid picture of the processing of the rock as far back as Roman times.

Information under the motto: "The volcanoes are among us";

and all stations of the volcano park can be found at:




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Phone: (0049) 2651 800 995
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