Königsstuhl Rhens


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All for one, one for all
In its form, the Königstuhl is truly reminiscent of a medieval throne and closely linked to the election of German kings. From 1273 there were preliminary discussions of the electors on the election of German kings. Such well-known rulers as Rudolf von Habsburg or Ludwig the Bavarian were advised here. The first royal election in Rhens was carried out at the Königsstuhl in 1346 in the election of Charles IV to the King. Ten years later was determined by the Golden Bull Charles IV Frankfurt as the place of the royal choice. However, the significance of the Königstuhl remained, and so, at the end of the 14th century, there was a building in which the electors were to designate the future king, who was then crowned in Frankfurt. Although the centuries later, the function of the Königstuhl slowly abolished, it retained its symbolic character. After its destruction in the war turmoil of the Napoleonic Wars in 1795, the king's chair was finally demolished in 1806 and rebuilt in 1842 by the master builder Johann Claudius of Lassaulx. In 1929 he moved from Nussbaumgarten outside of Rhens to his present place on the Rheinhöhe.




Rheinhöhe Schawall
56321 Rhens
Phone: (0049) 2607 49510

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