Landschaftspark "Steinbüchel" in Ditscheid


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The landscape park Steinbüchel is a true play paradise for children. At each corner there is something new to discover: At several events with chainsaw carvers beautiful wooden sculptures have been created, which were spread over the landscape park and sometimes quite hidden, were set up. There are also so-called "Cauls" to discover. Beets and potatoes were hidden outside the village after the Second World War in these holes to protect them from plundering soldiers. Later, the pits of the population served for a long time as a winter storage for crops.

An absolute highlight is a so-called Cretan labyrinth made of native red beech trees, but do not worry, no one has yet been lost in the labyrinth.

Oh and who now asks why the landscape park landscape park "Steinbüchel" means:

As the word "stone" in the name already suggests, here in the past quarry stones were broken, for example for stables. The old quarry was partially re-exposed and can also be viewed.

In the park there are also countless places to relax and linger and a barbecue hut including water, electricity and toilet facilities. This can gladly be rented directly to the mayor for a social get-together.

A little tip from us:

Also visit the XXL-Baumelbank in Ditscheid, which is almost once around the corner and offers a fantastic view over meadows, forests and fields!

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Landschaftspark "Steinbüchel" in Ditscheid

Kelberger Straße 26
56727 Mayen
Phone: (0049) 2651 800 995
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