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Spay, in the most concise Rhine bend of the world heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley", is located about 14 km below Koblenz in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Germany. Worth seeing-authentic. Where nature and romance show themselves from their most beautiful side The wine and adventure village Spay awaits you with numerous half-timbered houses in the village center and on the banks of the Rhine. Built in the 15th and 16th century, lovingly restored, equipped with many carvings, they inspire photo enthusiasts and painters today. A vacation in Spay is worthwhile with the offers of the predominantly classified hotels, vacation apartments and private rooms with its attentive hosts. The gastronomy, from hotel restaurants to home-style taverns, offer a variety of menus from regional products as well as game dishes from local hunting grounds. From the grapes of the steep slope of the Bopparder Hamm three traditional wineries produce top products for connoisseurs of a good drop. Due to its award-winning wines and excellent wineries, Spay is known to wine lovers worldwide. Guided tours of various kinds by nature and adventure guide: Robert Liesenfeld, Tel: 02628-3069. Hiking trails in the valley and on the heights, the dream trail "Rheingoldbogen" (12.6km) and dream trail "Spayer BlickinsTal" (6.1km), convey the fabulous impressions of the diverse cultural landscape in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Cycling along the banks of the Rhine is always worthwhile. Things to see and do: St. Peter's Chapel, a gothic sacral building, (visit appointments Mr. Werner: Tel. 0049-02628-2138). The neo-Gothic parish church of St. Lambertus with its hexagonal central building. The foundation church Krautkremer "Alte Kirche Spay" with year-round concert offers Tel. 0049-2628-1486. Shipping Vomfell with castle tours and varied ship programs 0049-2628-2431. Carnival sessions, Shrovetide parade, Middle Rhine Wine Spring - wine walk and presence of vintners and restaurateurs in the Bopparder Hamm between Boppard and Spay (last Sunday in April), Tal toTal (last Sunday in June), Rhine in Flames (second Saturday in August), rustic village fair (third Sunday in August), these events rich in tradition have been organized for years mainly by the associations.

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  • Vom March 16th bis March 16th
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Due to the current situation, the municipal administration will remain closed to visitors. In addition, the office hours of the local mayor are cancelled until further notice. Please contact us with your concerns by telephone on 02628/8778.

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Ortsgemeinde Spay

Koblenzer Straße 20
56322 Spay
Phone: (0049) 2628 8778
Fax: (0049) 2628 988591

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