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Closely connected with the history of the village has always been the history of its parish church. As early as 1075, a place of worship in Burgen was referred to as a "chapel". Also at the time of the Trier Archbishop Balduin von Lützelburg around 1330, the designation of the church in Burgen as a chapel was common. It was not until 1627 that a baptismal and marriage register was kept in Burgen - the sign of an independent parish. The oldest part of the church is preserved in the sacristy with the four-part ribbed vault, the construction of which refers us to the year 1300. 1765 is the most important year in the building history of the church. At that time, the master builder Johann Neurohr from Boppard was commissioned to add a new nave to the early Gothic choir. The construction was completed in 1766. The nave is a hall construction divided by flat pilasters. When the interior was completely renovated in 1965/66, the original rocaille painting was discovered under up to eight layers of paint and lime. Rocaille is the French word for shellwork, a mostly asymmetrical main ornament of the Rococo period. The magnificent floral and diamond paintings on the ceiling and walls are impressive. The ceiling painting by the Bonn church painter Gottwald could be restored and fits well into the rocaille painting. The baroque pews made of black oak, which were preserved until this renovation, date from 1766. Unfortunately, they fell victim to the incomprehensible modernization, as did the baroque three-winged high altar, which angered not a few citizens.

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    Pfarrkirche St. Sebastian
    Sebastianus Straße 9
    56332 Burgen
    Phone: +49 2607 - 323

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