Schloss Liebieg


Schloss Liebieg - that's like love at first sight:
Fairytale-like and graceful, the stately building presents itself in a large park with aristocratic towering trees and countless rhododendron bushes. You will receive a friendly welcome after passing the wall of a romantic rippling fountain. Let yourself be enchanted and you will feel as if you are happy. This will keep you from further increasing the coin level in the fountain ...

Formerly known under the name Gondorfer Niederburg, Schloss Liebieg goes back to the first known inhabitant of the castle, Knights Engelbertus de Contrave (1158-1160). Over the centuries, the plant changed hands several times. After the buildings were looted and destroyed by French troops in the wake of the French Revolution in 1794/95, the Koblenz merchant Simon Clemens acquired the castle and passed it on to his son Johann Peter. He liked it so much that he had the castle rebuilt into a rural castle.
Either it was because noblemen preferred locks over two-room apartments or it was just real love - however:
Freiherr Reichsrat Theodor von Liebieg, who came from Reichenberg in Bohemia, married Angelika, the daughter of Johann Peter Clemens, and lived together with her in the castle, which is henceforth named after him.

Have you already closed Schloss Liebieg in your heart?
In the elegant Hall of Mirrors, you can celebrate dignified occasions and many a couple has in the adjoining vault or the chapel on the hillside the yes-word. But even a simple visit is worthwhile, because the proud estate has apparently lost nothing of the splendor and charm of bygone days and is certainly one of the oldest and most charming castles on the Mosel.

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