Schloss von der Leyen


The castle was mentioned for the first time in 1272. It was probably already built in the 12th century. In 1560, the princes of the Leyen resided here and adapted the castle to the castle. This nobility was at that time the most powerful of the Mosel. In 1720 they owned 275,000 vines alone. They made their name worth their name. Ley means rock, which makes that of the Leyens to the lords of the rocks. At the beginning of the 19th century, the castle was partly rebuilt in neo-gothic style in order to counteract the decline of the complex. A truly princely view of Schloss von der Leyen is from the opposite Moselle river. The castle - now separated by the B 416 and tracks of the railway - comprises the main castle with the Palas and the so-called new building of the Elector Johann VI. From the 16th century. The Vorburg includes a three-storey building, which is connected to the gateway from the year 1527. Castle of the Leyen was restored in 1907. It houses the Wine Museum as well as an exhibition of the Land Main Archives.

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