St. Dionysius Kirche Rhens


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St. Dionysius Church Rhens St Dionysius is situated on a hill south of the old town, outside the city wall. It was used as a parish church until 1908. The foundation of the church: the rare patrism of Dionysius (first bishop of Paris, died as a martyr in the 3rd century AD) points to her old age. Already for the year 874, the existence of a church in Rhens can be proven - whether this was at the same location is not certain, but very probable, because the cemetery at the church was already used during the Frankzeiteit as burial place. Corresponding findings were made during the construction of the bypass road. The present surviving building dates back to the 11th century. The oldest surviving building is the Romanesque western tower with a rooftop roof dating from around 1200. The nave and choir in the forms of the late Gothic period belong to the 15th century. In the late Middle Ages it was necessary - perhaps at the same time with urbanization and building the wall - to have undergone extensive reconstructions at the church, because chancel and nave are late-Gothic and date from this time. When, in 1528, the Reformation was also introduced into Rhens, the church was rebuilt, but it was not - as is often to be read - that the entire church ship was rebuilt. The late-Gothic portrayal of St. Christopher on the south wall of the ship, as well as the antipathy of the Protestants against sacred images, dispute this assertion. Until 1629 the church served the Protestants as Gotteshaus. During this time, the 30-year-old European war (1618-1648) also raged with the accompanying famines and plague waves. It is presumed that the Marienheilighäuschen and the Kreuzweg, which both lead to this old church, had been erected at that time. The church is also interesting in the interior: high altar, pulpit, wooden ceiling and gallery were designed in the course of the counterreformation around 1700 baroque. The latest and most complex reconstruction was carried out between 1987 and 1996. Source: Alexander Ritter; Torsten Schrade; Dehio; Editorial staff. Ed. S.G.




Förderverein Dionysiuskirche
56321 Rhens
Phone: (0049) 2628 1330

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