Archäologische Stätte, Villa Rustica Winningen


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At the rest stop "Viewpoint Moselle Valley" East there is an archaeological site. Here you can find the wall remains of a Roman mansion from the time around 200 AD and a cellar. The area on the left bank of the Rhine was a Roman province at that time, namely Germania superior on the Upper Rhine. The manor house had been known since 1901, but it was not until the construction of the A61 freeway from Ludwigshafen to Koblenz that the site was first archaeologically investigated in 1971. The main building was conserved and integrated into the extensive area of the Mosel Valley Rest Area, as an archaeological monument. The total area of the estate was originally 100 m x 100 m and thus it is rather to be counted among the smaller and medium sized farms. The main house, measuring 30 m x 20 m, was equipped with 2 corner risalites and had a small bathroom with underfloor heating in the left part. In the right part there was also a heated room and a small cellar. Another cellar was found south of the house and conserved. Unfortunately, it is not known when the manor was built and how long it was used, just like the goods that were produced here. However, due to the location and the current use of the slopes of the Moselle valley as a wine-growing area, wine must have been one of the products produced here even back then. Location: accessible from the service area Moseltal Ost of the BAB 61, near Koblenz. Currently on display: On view today are the preserved foundation walls of the Villa Rustica, including a cellar/storage room On-site parking: On-site parking is possible at the Moseltal Ost service area

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  • From January 1st to December 31st

    The archaeological site is freely accessible at all times.




Archäologische Stätte, Villa Rustica Winningen
Bei der Raststätte „Aussichtspunkt Moseltal“ Ost
56333 Winningen

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