Burg Eltz, © D. Ritzenhofen

Castles & palaces

A big treasure reminds of power relations of the last few centuries: impressive castles and palaces, e.g. Castle Eltz, Castle Pyrmont, Genoveva Castle, Castle Ehrenburg or Bürresheim Palace.

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Plattform St. Johann 1

"Aussichtsplattform „Am Johannesknecht" in St. Johann

St. Johann

The viewing platform "Am Johannesknecht" at the county road 21 just before the entrance to St. Johann offers a magnificent view over the Nettetal and Mayen up to Maifeld and Mosel.

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Alte Kirche Spay, © Marco Rothbrust

Alte Kirche Spay


The former parish church, built on the banks of the Rhine by Spay in 1670, in the typical Baroque hall construction, was acquired as a ruin by the Spayer citizen Franz Krautkremer in 1977. He founded a foundation and built the Old Church into a cultural and concert space…

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Rathaus Rhens, © Tourist Information Erlebnis Rheinbogen

Altes Rathaus Rhens


This magnificent half-timbered building dates from the 15th century. In 1998 the building was completely renovated.

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Sonnenuntergang am Nitzblick, © Laura Rinneburger

Aussichtspunkt "Zum Nitzblick"


Approximately 3 km from Kirchwald, the visitor receives an impressive view over the Nitztal, which is located below the Kirchwalder heights.



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Das Grubenrad weißt den Weg zur Grube Bendisberg, © Svenja Schulze-Entrup

Besucherbergwerk "Grube Bendisberg" in Langenfeld


The 3-shaft-visitor mine "Grube Bendisberg" offers awesome insights deep in the inside of the earth. Old miner-traditions become alive in midst of broken stones.


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Bleidenbergskapelle, © TI Sonnige Untermosel

Bleidenberg Chapel


Bleidenberg Chapel.

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Booser Doppelmaar, © Touristik-Büro Vodereifel

Booser Doppelmaar - Vulkanpark


At the "Booser Doppelmaar", western of the municiplity Boos it gives two extensive flat basins in the countryside. One of the two is a dry maar. The other is a pond. They are created through the meeting of hot magma.


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Booser Eifelturm 2, © Remet/Kappest

Booser Eifelturm


The about 25 m high wooden tower, was in the mai 2004 opende ,is a highlight for tourists. The tower enthusiastic vistors not just in the rural district Mayen-Koblenz but from near and far.

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Burg Bischofstein, © Verein zur Förderung des Fichte-Gymnasiums und der

Burg Bischhofstein


Located on the Moselle, between Koblenz and Cochem, is the castle Bischofstein.

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Idyllisch gelegene Burg Pyrmont - © Winfried Lenz

Burg Pyrmont


Burg Pyrmont.

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