Natur und Kultur, © Touristik Büro Vordereifel


Nature experiences in the Eifel are almost unlimited. Here you can still enjoy flora and fauna with all senses.

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Plattform St. Johann 1, © Svenja Schulze-Entrup

"Aussichtsplattform „Am Johannesknecht" in St. Johann

St. Johann

The observation deck "Am Johannesknecht" at Kreisstraße 21 just before the entrance to St. Johann offers a fantastic view over the Nettetal and Mayen up to the Maifeld.

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Booser Eifelturm, © Laura Rinneburger

Aufstieg derzeit nur mit Maske erlaubt! Booser Eifelturm


The about 25 m high wooden tower, was in the mai 2004 opende ,is a highlight for tourists. The tower enthusiastic vistors not just in the rural district Mayen-Koblenz but from near and far.

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Das Grubenrad weist den Weg zur Grube Bendisberg, © Svenja Schulze-Entrup

Besucherbergwerk "Grube Bendisberg" in Langenfeld


The 3-shaft-visitor mine "Grube Bendisberg" offers awesome insights deep in the inside of the earth. Old miner-traditions become alive in midst of broken stones.


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Blick auf das Booser Doppelmaar, © Laura Rinneburger

Booser Doppelmaar - Vulkanparkstation


At the "Booser Doppelmaar", western of the municiplity Boos it gives two extensive flat basins in the countryside. One of the two is a dry maar. The other is a pond. They are created through the meeting of hot magma.


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Deutsches Schieferbergwerk 1, © Stadt Mayen/Seydel

Deutsches Schieferbergwerk - Museumswelten Mayen


The visitors will be equipped with helmets and jackets and get down in the depth off the slate mine and takes part in an exploration of the Moselschiefer. A simulated mine cart ride will especially delight the children. And "Müller's Jupp" will tell his stories of the live in the mine…

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Die Grube Bausberg I in Kehrig, © Svenja Schulze-Entrup

Die Schiefergruben "Bausberg" I und II in Kehrig


Pit Bausberg I and II in Kehrig.

Until a few decades ago, slate mining dominated large parts of our region as far as the Moselle. The population of the local church Kehrig lived to a large extent from the work in the resident slate mines Bausberg I and Bausberg II…

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Dr. Heinrich Menke-Park, © Svenja Schulze-Entrup

Dr. Heinrich Menke-Park


Dr. Heinrich Menke-Park is located about 2 kilometers northwest of the municipality of Arft on the L10. The present nature reserve was named after Dr. Heinrich Menke, who worked hard for the preservation of the last juniper heaths in the Eastern Eifel…

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Eifelmuseum 1, © Stadt Mayen/Seydel

Eifelmuseum - Museumswelten Mayen


ovevaburg castle is a symbol of the town of Mayen. It can be seen from far and wide, towering over the town centre.


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Burg Pyrmont, © Winfried Lenz



The rocky and forested Elzbach Valley offers above all wild nature, as well as the castles of Eltz and Pyrmont and the half-timbered town of Monreal: culture worth seeing!.

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Die Rausch im Enderttal, © Marco Rothbrust



The Endert Valley, also known as the valley of the wild Endert, stretches from Ulmen to Cochem.

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