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Nature experiences in the Eifel are almost unlimited. Here you can still enjoy flora and fauna with all senses.

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Schieferregion Kaulenbachtal, © Christoph Gerhartz



Between the three villages of Müllenbach, Laubach and Leienkaul lies the impressive Kaulenbachtal, where high-quality slate was once mined.

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Kottenheimer Büden

Kottenheimer Büden - Vulkanpark


"Kottenheimer Büden"

At the "Kottenheimer Büden" (407 m, near the municipality Kottenheim), the eastern flank of the Beller mountain volcano, the view opens into the mightiest of the three lava flows of the volcano. The tomb was created when about 200,000 years ago in violent explosions lava bombs and scraps were ejected from the Beller mountain volcano and piled up into a mighty slag wall…

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Kottenheimer Winfeld mit Tafeln des Vulkanparks, © Laura Rinneburger

Kottenheimer Winfeld - Vulkanpark


200,000 years ago, the Bellerberg volcano complex erupted. Today surrounded Kottenheimer Büden and Ettringer Bellerberg crescent shaped the actual crater area. During the eruption, three lava flows flowed out of the crater area. The current lying north of the crater filled an old valley, reaching a thickness of about 40 meters…

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Katzenberg 2, © Stadt Mayen/P!el Media

Römerwarte Katzenberg (Roman Hill Fort)


On Mayen´s Katzenberg there was the lagerst Roman hill fort of Eifel and Hunsrück. It was built about 300 A. D. , a troubled time when the Roman Limes had been destroyed.

To get a realistic impression, about 70m of a walk along the battlements has been rebuilt…

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Vulkanparkstation Mayener Grubenfeld, Felswand, © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Vulkanparkstation Grubenfeld


Mayen´s pit field is oner of the oldest and most important mines of basalt lava. This porous stone is perfectly suitable for grain grindings am millstones. A tour leads through the mine landscape, in the depth of the petrified lava river of the Bellerberg volvano with ist bizzare pillars…

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