Abtei Maria Laach, © Jens Weber, Rhein-Zeitung

Monasteries, churches & chapels

At all times the Eifel has been characterized by Catholic religion. Discover the religious places e.g. the idyllic church “Schwanenkirche”, monastery and pilgrimage church Maria Martental and of course the world famous Benedictine Abbey Maria Laach.

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Kapelle in Hausten Morswiesen, © Foto: VG Vordereifel, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

"St. Anna" Kapelle


The St. Anna chapel is located in the idyllic Eifel village of Hausten-Morswiesen (Hauptstraße 10).


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Abteikirche Maria Laach, © Kappest/Vulkanregion Laacher See

Abteikirche Maria Laach

Maria Laach

The jewel Maria Laach is one of the most famous sights of the Brohltal / Laacher See volcano park. The abbey church is probably the most famous building in the Eifel.

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Booser Eifelturm, © Foto: Laura Rinneburger, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

Aktuell gesperrt! Booser Eifelturm


The about 25 m high wooden tower, was in the mai 2004 opende ,is a highlight for tourists. The tower enthusiastic vistors not just in the rural district Mayen-Koblenz but from near and far.

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Alte Kirche Spay, © Marco Rothbrust

Alte Kirche Spay


The former parish church, built on the banks of the Rhine by Spay in 1670, in the typical Baroque hall construction, was acquired as a ruin by the Spayer citizen Franz Krautkremer in 1977. He founded a foundation and built the Old Church into a cultural and concert space…

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Blick ins Heimatmuseum Kaisersesch, © Matthias Schnitzler

Altes Gefängnis mit Heimatmuseum


Embark on a journey into the past - the "Old Prison" has weathered all the storms of the past centuries and is now home to a local history museum on the upper floor.

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Altes Rathaus, © Stadt Mayen/Seydel

Altes Rathaus


The unknown architect, who let the old townhall built in 1717, already knew that the basalt of mayen would be the ideal ressource for building a monument. Also highlighting the window fronts.

The entrance also leaves an memorable impression…

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Rathaus Rhens, © Tourist Information Erlebnis Rheinbogen

Altes Rathaus Rhens


This magnificent half-timbered building dates from the 15th century. In 1998 the building was completely renovated.

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Antoniuskapelle, © http://www.kottenheim.de/index.php/tourismus-kultu

Antoniuskapelle in Kottenheim


The Antonius chapel, probably from 1950, is located in the street "Am Heiligenhäuschen 6" in Kottenheim.


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Archäologisches Museum Maifeld


"Maifeld Archaeological Museum" in Münstermaifeld Permanent exhibition "Wealth Power. Salvation".

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Lauschpunkt Burgen, © Michael Teusch, Sweco GmbH

Audiopoint along the Moselle Cycle Path (Burgen)


Between Perl and Koblenz there are 40 good reasons to get off your bike and take a little “audio-break”: The "Audiopoints along the Moselle Cycle Path".

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