Vulkanpark-Erlebniszentrum, © Klaus-Peter Kappest


The museum landscape of the Eifel is diverse: from settlement and cultural history to geological history and volcanism.

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Das Grubenrad weist den Weg zur Grube Bendisberg, © Foto: Svenja Schulze-Entrup, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

Besucherbergwerk "Grube Bendisberg" in Langenfeld


The 3-shaft-visitor mine "Grube Bendisberg" offers awesome insights deep in the inside of the earth. Old miner-traditions become alive in midst of broken stones.


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Der Nachtwächter mit seinen Marketenderinnen, © Matthias Schnitzler

Der Nachtwächter


Head back to the past of the city of Kaisersesch through fascinating stories and poems.

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Deutsches Schieferbergwerk 1, © Stadt Mayen/Seydel

Deutsches Schieferbergwerk - Museumswelten Mayen


The visitors will be equipped with helmets and jackets and get down in the depth off the slate mine and takes part in an exploration of the Moselschiefer. A simulated mine cart ride will especially delight the children. And "Müller's Jupp" will tell his stories of the live in the mine…

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Eifelmuseum 1, © Stadt Mayen/Seydel

Eifelmuseum - Museumswelten Mayen


ovevaburg castle is a symbol of the town of Mayen. It can be seen from far and wide, towering over the town centre.


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Erlebniswelten Grubenfeld Mitmachstation, © Kappest/Vulkanpark GmbH

Erlebniswelten Grubenfeld (mining site Experience Worlds)


What did humans do with the volcanic rocks? What did they create from them? How did they obtain these rocks? And how were they able to shape them? The quarry field Volcano Park experience centre has interesting answers to all these questions.

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Heimatmuseum Bermel, © Heimatmuseum Bermel

Heimatmuseum in Bermel


In the museum of local history in Bermel remnants of old utensils, tools, water pipes and many other artefacts from Roman time can be visited up close.

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Heimatmuseum Monreal, ©

Heimatmuseum in Monreal


For four centuries it shaped Monreal. Now you can immerse yourself in his story: the craft of cloth making comes to life again in the exhibition in the "Gallery in the Untertor".

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Heimatmuseum in der alten Schule in Virneburg, ©

Heimatmuseum in Virneburg


In the middle of Virneburg, the old school can be found, on whose two upper floors the Heimatmuseum Virneburg is housed, which offers insights into the history of Virneburg.

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Weinmuseum, © Rainer Rühle

Historisches Weinmuseum Kobern-Gondorf


What exactly happens in the vineyard and in the wine cellar? What are the works and handles that a winemaker needs to know? Which tools and techniques were used earlier and how did the methods change?.

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Amerikanische Studenten im Museum, © Heinz Spurzem



Visit the fascinating world of the carnival of Mayen and its 5th season of year.

Delve into the unique and fascinating world of the carnival in Mayen from the beginnings until today.
Why do we celebrate carnival? Even if you already know the answer on that you will learn more than facts and figures in the carnival museum of Mayen…

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