Vulkanpark-Erlebniszentrum, © Klaus-Peter Kappest


The museum landscape of the Eifel is diverse: from settlement and cultural history to geological history and volcanism.

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Museum Winningen


The former school, a stately Lassaulx building, now houses the museum. The focus is on the "presentation of viticulture in Winningen", the history of the place. From the Stone Age to the present day and the life of August Horch (founder of the Horch and AUDI works)…

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Schloss Bürresheim mit barocker Gartenanlage, © Laura Rinneburger

Schloss Bürresheim palace

St. Johann

During the Middle Ages, Schloss Bürresheim palace was actually a castle, in other words, a knight’s residence and a fortress at the same time.


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