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Thilmann Brot, © Thilmann Brot

Thilmann Brot, Bäckerei mit Wohlfühlcafe Winningen


Thilmann Brot, Bäckerei mit Wohlfühlcafe Winningen.

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Weingut Knebel, © Weingut Knebel

VDP.Weingut Knebel


The roots of our winery date back to 1642, and since its foundation in its present form-in 1990-one guiding principle has accompanied us: respect.

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Weinhaus Ibald, © Weinhaus Ibald

Weinhaus Ibald


Weinhaus Ibald.

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Winzer Peter Weyh, © Weingut Weyh

Weingut Weyh


Welcome to the Weyh Winery. Founded in 1919, the winery is now run by Peter Weyh in the 4th generation.

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Wanderstübchen Möntenich, © Schieferland Kaisersesch, Marco Rothbrust



Rustic Wanderstübchen - A cosy get-together in the rustic Wanderstübchen with food from our own butchery and drinks.

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Café Dajöh, © Stadt Mayen - Claudia Schick

Café Bistro Dajöh


Our bistro is located in the heart of Mayen, right at the bottom of the Genoveva castle at the market place. Inside and our porch up to 100 guests can visit us. Breakfast, snacks and burgers, vegetarian meals, pasta, sweets and cakes, ice cream and a variety of salades are available around the clock…

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Restaurant Delphi, © Restaurant Delphi

Restaurant Delphi



Our passion for gastronomy has allowed us to create a warm and family atmosphere. Delphi attaches great importance to every single guest feel welcome, well and pleasantly satisfied.


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Parkhotel, © Moselstern Parkhotel Krähennest

Moselstern Parkhotel Krähennest-Restaurant 'Corvus'


Moselstern Parkhotel Krähennest-Restaurant 'Corvus'.

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Gasthaus zur Traube, © Gasthaus zur Traube

Gasthof "Traube"


Gasthof "Traube".

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Theke, © Gaststätte "Bei Edith auf der Höh"

Gaststätte "Bei Edith auf der Höh"

Müllenbach bei Kaisersesch

Our cosy restaurant offers space for up to 30 people.

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