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Gasthaus- Innen, © Gasthaus Zum Rebstock

Gasthaus "Zum Rebstock"


The  "Rebstock" is located in the middle of the beautiful wine town of Alken.

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Hünten - Fleischwaren Automat


Hünten - Fleischwaren Automat.

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Weingut, © Weigut Kröber

Weingut Rüdiger Kröber


Wine, tradition and hospitality in Winningen on the Moselle.
We look forward to welcoming you and invite you to get an idea of our winemaking and our wines.

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Pizzeria, © Pizzeria Rosengarten

Pizzeria Rosengarten


Welcome to our Pizzeria Rosengarten. We will serve you Italian food.

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Verkaufswagen am Weingut, © Dominik Ketz

Weingut Weingart


Hello and welcome to the winery Weingart.

Here you will find a lot of information about our winery, our wines and viticulture in the Middle Rhine region. Our small family business cultivates the best vineyards in the Middle Rhine Valley. We produce fine Riesling and Pinot Noir wines here…

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Wasser, © Pixabay

Rosis Wanderstube


Rosis Wanderstube offers drinks and small dishes.

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Gasthof zum Adler in Kottenheim, © Foto: Svenja Schulze-Entrup, Quelle: Touristik-Büro Vordereifel

Gasthof zum Adler in Kottenheim - Gasthaus


The Gasthof zum Adler in Kottenheim offers home-style cooking in a rustic ambience.

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Wohlfühlcafe, © Thilmann Brot

Thilmann Brot, Bäckerei mit Wohlfühlcafe Kobern


Enjoy fresh pastries and a selection of cakes and pastries daily.

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Wirtshaus, © Wirtshaus Zum Onkel Oskar

Wirtshaus Zum Onkel Oskar


Wirtshaus Zum Onkel Oskar.

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Weingut Reinhold Bernardy, © Weingut Reinhold Bernardy

Weingut & Winzerwirtschaft Reinhold Bernardy


Weingut & Winzerwirtschaft Reinhold Bernardy.

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