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Pizzeria Kebap-Haus Landkern, © Bosporos

Pizzeria Kebap-Haus Bosporos


We serve Turkish specialities, prepared and garnished in the style of our homeland, original Italian pasta dishes and a large selection of pizzas.

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Weinstube, © Winzerhof Künster

Winzerhof Künster


The Künster winery has existed for 5 generations on the lower Moselle with vineyards in the villages of Niederfell, Kattenes and Lehmen.

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Obstbrennerei Forneck, © Tourist-Information Erlebnis Rheinbogen

Obstbrennerei Julius Forneck


The traditionsrecihe fruit distillery offers many different regional products!

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Schild Hofverkauf, © VG Maifeld

Bauer Heinrich


Agricultural family business that has been growing its own asparagus, strawberries (you can pick it yourself) and potatoes in addition to grain, rapeseed and sugar beet for many years and sells them directly from the farm. Asparagus festival on the 1st Sunday in May (in cooperation with associations) Own products: strawberries, asparagus, potatoes Purchased products: eggs, onions

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Dinner Karte, © Historische Mühle Vogelsang

Historische Mühle Vogelsang


Our inn is small, but fine! Romantic, quaint - in a mill over 450 years old you will find typical Moselle wines, regional beer, birdsong and fine, handmade country cuisine.

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Haus, © Mosellandhotel Waldeck

Mosellandhotel Waldeck


The Mosel hotel Waldeck is your place to be if you want to have an pleasant time. All guests can enjoy the amenities of an contemporary hotel: You can expect comfortable rooms and a attentively service-team.

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Unser Shop im Weingut, © Weingut Thomas Höreth

Weingut Thomas Höreth


Our winery: Thomas Höreth, the founder and namesake of the winery, received his viticultural education mainly in Burgundy.

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Theke 2, © Bäckerei Müsch

Bäckerei Müsch


Baking is an ancient craft.

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Pizza-/ Grillimbiß "Da Gino" in Kottenheim - Abholservice


The pizza / grill snack "Da Gino" in Kottenheim - directly at the MHT petrol station - offers changing lunch dishes at low prices.

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Weinautomat, © Weinhaus Ibald - Familie Gibbert



The first wine vending machine on the Lower Moselle- 24 hours offer of chilled wine.

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