Hofladen auf dem Heidehof


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The farm store Heidehof - home on the table. In our new farm store we offer our own products and other local products from friendly farms and producers. Here we present the self-service farm store. Young tradition with a future The Heidehof was built up with Peter Pistono's own hands over fifty years ago. He is delighted to see that his daughter Michaela, who is a full-time human resources manager, is enthusiastic about farming. So she happily swings onto the tractor after work and also helps out elsewhere on the farm. More than half a century of tradition is being carried on. Since September, Michaela has also been a "highly official farmer": she passed the examination to become a farmer. Our range of goods: Game and beef, sausages fresh and canned (processed in the family butcher shop), potatoes, eggs from free-range chickens, seasonal fruits and vegetables (cherries, plums, etc.). wines, Rieslingsecco, liqueurs

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Hofladen auf dem Heidehof
56332 Dieblich-Berg
Phone: (0049) 179 4862372

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