Landhaus Halferschenke


Since the beginning of 2020, they have been renovating the quarry stone house built in 1832, the nationally known "Halferschenke" in Dieblich. Here in the beautiful Moselle village, the Schmah family has already been at home for 6 years and especially daughter Emilia is already firmly rooted in kindergarten and soon also in school. Their gastronomic concept is clear: "We want to create a place of relaxation and enjoyment for you, where we focus on our beautiful Moselle region and work closely with regional suppliers, hunters and producers. On our menu you will find a butter tender saddle of wild boar or pork chop from the Eifel, as well as a perfect black pudding with juicy braised onions, a veal escalope baked in clarified butter or a gently cooked salmon trout from the region; these are just a few examples of our small but always fresh menu. However, we will not be dogmatically "regional," which means there will always be a wild-caught Breton turbot, perfect lobster, or a beautiful breast of pigeon from the Vendée." "Our wine list, with around 100 items mainly from Germany, France and Italy, offers a wide variance in price structure. For this we have visited many friendly winemakers in recent months and tasted wonderful wines "from house wine to Großes Gewächs" for you." In addition to the beautiful restaurant, the Landhaus Halferschenke is now also home to a small wine bistro, which invites its guests to linger with rustic charm (here you can draw from the extensive wine list and also enjoy a snack or two) and the newly designed courtyard with lounge area and terrace. In addition, there are 4 newly renovated guest rooms, furnished in classic country style, which allow both pure Moselle and restaurant visitors to spend the night comfortably.

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    • Inside: 70
    • Outside: 30




    Landhaus Halferschenke
    Hauptstraße 63
    56332 Dieblich
    Phone: (0049) 2607 - 749 915 4

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