Bio-Weingut die Traubenhüter


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"Wine is a total art work"
We work on it every day in our vineyards and in our cellar.
 We have opted for "controlled" organic winegrowing, thereby making a sustainable contribution to preserving our unique biodiversity.
 Enjoy our wines! They are available in Hatzenport, Moselstraße 49 or on the Internet at http://die-traubenhü

For three decades we have been farming our vineyards as a sideline and selling our crop to colleagues. Having been rooted in steep slope vineyards since childhood, we have decided to bring our Riesling grapes into the bottle now that the children are as good as they are out of the house. Our dreams of Riesling, of the terroir, of the cultural landscape, of the teamwork with the nature and the fun of the life and the wine we can now become true.
 In search of a name that focuses all the visions like in a burning glass, we came upon the grape keeper. An over 700-year-old name from Middle High German, which originally stood for the guard and defender against bird eating and grape thieves.

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Bio-Weingut die Traubenhüter
Moselstraße 49
56332 Hatzenport
Phone: (0049) 2605 2369

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